Talk Like A Pirate Day

看到 jwsunFlickr 的 logo 变了,挂上了海盗旗。

去论坛一打听,才知道原来每年的9月19日是 International Talk Like A Pirate Day,国际“像海盗一样说话”节。

如果你不知道该怎么说“海盗语”,可以借助这个 Pirate Speak 转换语言。

除了9月19日的 International Talk Like A Pirate Day 外,9月20日还是 Walk Like a Pirate Day,“像海盗一样走路”节,合在一起就是“坐而论盗,起而行之”?

如果你周围的人对模仿海盗说话或者走路的方式感到不满,不妨学习《永保公司血泪史The Crimson Permanent Assurance)》中的老家伙们,用电扇页片、票据签、衣帽勾、抽屉等武器来说话,然后航行在金融界的大海上,像海盗一样唱歌。
Monty Python (by calon)

说到《永保公司血泪史》,收购永保公司的那家“非常大的美国公司(The Very Big Corporation of America)”真是有个好名字啊~

International Talk Like A Pirate Day 官方宣传推广图

Talk Like A Pirate Day 官方宣传歌曲

PyrateCon 2007 相册

International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2007 官方指定 MMPORPG
Pirates of the Burning Sea

Caulk Like a Pirate Day: It’s never too soon to fill the cracks in yer ship’s hull!
Balk Like a Pirate Day: Celebrated by the Pittsburgh baseball team’s pitchers or if you’re offered a two-week old squid sandwich.
Stalk Like a Pirate Day: What you do just before you steal the booty!
Gawk Like a Pirate Day: “Shiver me timbers, will you look at that thar beauty!”
Squawk Like a Pirate Day: Something you can celebrate with yer parrot.
Hawk Like a Pirate Day: A great excuse to sell yer old eye patches on eBay.

posted: 2007/09/19
under: 大杂烩

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  • Andre


    …the Pirates are coming…the Pirates are coming…the Pirates are coming…

    ARRR….Avast ye thar ye scurvy dogs, come seek adventure, fortune and piratical fame. Come frolic with PIRATES from all over the world in the fabled Big Easy! Join us this April 18-20, 2008 at the Hampton Inn in New Orleans’ French Quarter at Pyratecon 2008 National Pirate Convention and Conference.

    Last April 2007, Buccaneers, Swashbucklers, Pirates and Gypsies from all over our great nation attended the 1st annual pirate convention known as PYRATECON to plunder and pillage as well as share in merriment, music, drink, good deeds and pirate lore.

    This coming April 2008 PyrateCon will be even bigger and better! With more special guest stars from all 3 of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies such as Vince Lozano, Isaac C. Singleton Jr. Lauren Maher, Vanessa Branch and Treva Etienne. We are also happy to have Kendra Guffey from CBS’s Pirate Master Television show.

    There will be unforgettable events, guest speakers, workshops, pirate vendors selling everything from clothes to jewelry to swords to hats to T shirts to corsets.

    Be one of the hundreds of Plundering Pirates, wenches and doxies singing, dancing and merry making…in the historic New Orleans French Quarter. Enjoy music and entertainment from Pirate bands and piratical entertainers from all over country.

    The Pyratecon 2008 festivities will include:

    The French Quarter Pirate INVASION
    Celebrity Autograph Panel of Notable Pirates of the Caribbean personalities
    Rum Distillery Tour and Rum Tasting Party
    The Grand Pirate Feast at Pirates Alley
    The Children’s Hospital Charity Auction (sponsored event)
    Pirate and Doxie Sword Fighting
    Wench, Cabin Boy and Boson Auctions
    Pirate Arrests and Rescues
    Public Pirate Floggings
    The Black Spot Awards Ceremony
    Lectures and Workshops
    and so much more…

    …so COME AND GET YER PIRATE ON with us in April at PYRATECON 2008 In the Big Easy

    For more information and/or to register as sponsors, vendors or attendees see our website at …for more pictures and fun check out our myspace site at:

    …the Pirates are coming…the Pirates are coming…the Pirates are coming….ARRRRRR