Gmail 空间满

Gmail 空间快撑满了会出现什么情况?
The Google Groups Team 会每天给你的信箱发一封邮件提醒你空间不够,然后等你通过邮件中的链接进行激活验证。

目前您已经使用了2467 MB中的2462 MB(100%)。

Hello ?,

Over the past several days, Google Groups has had difficulty delivering
messages to your email address (? We’re sending
this message to see if your email address is once again accepting mail.

If you’re reading this message it means that your account is working, and we
will automatically reactivate delivery to your address in a few days. If you
want to reactivate delivery immediately, click this link:

If you have questions related to this or any other Google group, please visit
the Help Center at


The Google Groups Team

话说回来,我还从没有想到过2G 多邮箱空间也可以用完的,幸好不是主邮箱…

posted: 2005/08/06
under: 软硬挨踢