如果你用 Del.icio.us 收藏 about:blank 这个页面,会有什么后果呢?

only http, https, news, and ftp schema urls are allowed right now.

if you have a really good reason i should allow another one, please email support@del.icio.us

可以看到有人将此页面归为 mystartpage、zen、nothing、empty、blank、nil、nada、white、clean、nice、cool、existential、nothingness,有人留下这样的评语:

“Best page in the universe. Hands down.”
“it is about blank. or maybe just blank”
“Contemplate emptiness. Life is fleeting.”
“I really don’t like this site. It’s boring and there’s nothing on it.”
“if you see one blank white page, pick this one. i visit this one every day.”
“the best homepage ever.”
It’s a classic view of everything and nothing
An incredibly informative page
The page you get when you use a new tab
I’ve been thinking about using del.icio.us to remember things that aren’t urls (like where I put my keys (they’re on the front table))
I can stare at this web page all day.
Perfect example of design

确实是有够无聊 (-_-#)

但从一些用户的描述来看,收藏这个页面的最大原因是操作错误!很多用户将空白页面当做了要收藏的页面,如 tag 为 system:import 的估计是导入时出了问题。默认情况下收藏成功之后浏览器会返回原页面,如果收藏了空白页面,用户就能够看到系统提示,所以一般情况下不会有什么问题,如果使用第三方工具,设置为收藏后关闭页面,或者批量导入,也许就不知道收藏了空白页面了吧。
不知这些用户回头查看时,会不会有人因为再也找不到当时收藏的地址而对 Del.icio.us 不满意?

posted: 2005/10/20
under: 大杂烩, 软硬挨踢